Vieux premieres new video for “All The Same feat. Dave Matthews”

With “All the Same,” Vieux Farka Toure and Dave Matthews craft a stunning song about the perils of possessing a unique and desirable gift. Both Vieux and Dave are hailed as musical torch-bearers of both their generation and hometown, but with this venerable duty comes the threat of targeted jealousy. “Smiles and promises/Cry real tears ’til you believe/They don’t want you, they want what you’ve got/It may taste sweet but love it’s not.” In an equally stunning video by Native Resonance, a young boy finds himself thrust into limelight and power in a dreamlike world surrounded by entranced peers. The children dance around their newly crowned king who is momentarily blissful sitting on his throne. But adoration quickly turns to jealousy as the same child who crowned the king is the one to topple his kingdom in an attempt to steal the throne for himself. It is in the wisdom of a little girl singing Dave Matthews’ lines that the truth is revealed.

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